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Viranegar, composed of professional board of directors and proficient staff, with 20 years of experience in programming, was founded and targeted to produce high quality and world class software.

The software team is composed of graduates from top universities, scientific elites and consulting members from top universities’ faculty members.

Research and development to solve territorial needs and export softwares is one of the major goals of Viranegar. Entrepreneurship for the talented, is the goal achieved in majority of knowledge based companies, so are we emphasizing on it.

Automation systems relying on image processing and medical and laboratorial software production are Viranegar’s main fields of interest. Albeit, image processing softwares and real-time mobile based applications are included in Viranegar’s specialties.

Customized administrative, industrial and simulator software production in automobile, oil and gas and in petrochemicals are also in our abilities. New technology areas, like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 360° films, are our points of strength in emerging technology areas. Viranegar has used these technologies in various areas like medical and engineering education, educational content and presentation enrichment, smart catalogues and so forth.

By compassionate efforts of all our members, it is hoped to reach these goals.


Specialized fields of software department

Image Processing

Applications and rapid developments in image processing is a clear fact. Due to production of up-to-date and efficient softwares, Viranegar has made this one of its (his!) main functions.

Laboratorial and medical softwares

One major concern of each society is public health. Development of computers and softwares in recent decades, has made a great help to gain this goal. Viranegar is honored to be active and developing productions in this field.

Signal Processing

Processing science, specifically biomedical signals is our main ability. This important area is of high priority and importance to us.

Data Science

Growing data volume around and simultaneous growth of analysis methods, high level concept extraction and decision making situations, data science has become a vital need for every organization or company, whatever the company size is. This important issue is being pursued in Viranegar as a very important area.

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

This technology has become one of the fastest growing technologies in history which will be one of world’s top 10 technologies in 2020. Viranegar is also working in this field and progressing to complete current projects.

Custom-made softwares

In addition to what was said, Viranegar is ready to develop custom-made applications and mobile apps in areas mentioned and also in industrial automation and automobile manufacturing and petrochemicals.


Projects Done


Projects Progressing


Number of Products


Expert staff


Few of our projects

Educational databases management

  • Various Reports
  • Centralized management and update


  • Precision more than 99.99%
  • Arranged and various reporting
  • Different diagrams
  • Statistical analysis

Microscopic image processing

  • High diagnostic precision
  • High segmentation correctness
  • High-speed processing

Cell Tracking

  • High precision tracking
  • Latest WHO standards compatible
  • Science edge methods implementation
  • Various reporting based on standards

Real-Time AR on Face in Mobile Application

  • High execution speed (at least 10 fps)
  • Highly precised in landmark detection
  • High precision in AR implementation


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